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coca-cola is bottled in many countries and dependencies all over the world.
i have tried to give information about the world`s 341 countries, former countries, territories and dependencies (since coke is bottled)
some information are only my guess (e.g. imports because of population), because it is impossible to get information from the coca-cola company!

so my guess is that there could exist different bottles from 227 countries! + 27 different bottles from countries with former names!

i am thankful for every information about where coke is bottled/imported or since when. thanks a lot for your help

possible bottles
194 sovereign and independent states
81 dependencies, territories and departments
16 (partially) unrecognized countries or areas (taiwan already listed as souvereign state)
50 former countries, dependencies and unrecognized countries
coke is or was imported to 92 countries! (brunei, the channel islands, french guiana, gibraltar, guadeloupe, jamaica, luxembourg, martinique, new caledonia and oman had bottled once and guam got a commemorative from the us)
coke is currently not bottled in 33 countries! (afghanistan, cuba, iraq, lybia, myanmar and syria had bottled once) most of these countries are small islands, where sometimes military bases or weather stations have been installed. probably coke bottles are brought to those islands from the visitors` home countries!
i don`t think that coke is bottled in the following 7 countries (because of the population is very small) anguilla, cook island, montserrat, palau, st. helena, turks and caicos islands, tuvalu, (but i don`t have reliable informations)
see here 30 states where coke never has been bottled

here is a list of 29 former known countries and it`s following country name until it`s name from nowadays (only since coca-cola was bottled - not backward to adam and eve!)
bottles with former names are quite interesting for collectors, but in my opinion it is not another "country bottle" since the state did not become a new formed state united from others or split from a former state (e.g. u.s.s.r. or yemen) but everyone should feel free to count those bottles in addition
myanmar only had bottled under the name of burma yet


here is a list of 63 former dependent countries and it`s parent country until becoming independent
it is possible that in times of dependency coca-cola itself or only the bottles were imported

all 341 independent, dependent, unrecognized and no more existing countries in alphabetical order